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Adoption Information

Thank you for interest in our rescue cats and kittens. ;)

Adoption Fees

Cat A Do Cat Co Op makes adopting healthy, protected kittens/cats affordable…

Cat A Do Kittens/Cats come:

  • ** Felv Tested
  • ** Vaccinated
  • ** Spayed/Neutered
  • ** Micro-chipped
  • ** and with 30 days of free pet insurance!!
Cost of Customary Services INCLUSIVE IN ADOPTION FEE: 

Typical Low Cost Spay/Neuter $50 +

FELV Test $25 +

FVRCP ($18x2) $36 Vaccinations

Microchip: $30 +


CAT A DO Adoption Fees:

Adult cat (1yr - 6yr) $80
Adult cat pair: $70/per cat

Juvenile (7mo - 1yr): $100
Juvenile pair: $90/per kitten

Kitten (2-6mos) : $120
Kitten pair: $110/per kitten
Senior 7+: $60
Senior pair: $50/per cat

**This is cost to take any cat to a DISCOUNT VET for above services.

**INCLUSIVE ADOPTION FEES are LESS than it would cost you to take a free cat and have services completed….

(Exotics/Declawed cats/kittens may be subject to additional fees upon discretion)

The Adoption Process

After visiting our website to see more photos and profiles of the kitten or cat you are interested in, please do the following to have an adoption approved:

  1. The first step to adoption is to complete the Adoption Consultation Form and email it back to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it asap. Once this is done, you will receive a call or email from an adoption counselor within 24-48 yours. We are all volunteers, and have full time jobs, so please be patient as we will get back with you as soon as humanly possible. We look forward to talking to you about adopting the pet of your choice.
  2. Kittens must be spayed prior to being adopted. They must be 2 lbs for surgery which is typically about the age of 8 weeks. However, our goal is to have wonderful forever homes awaiting them prior to this time. Therefore, kittens can be pre-adopted before they are ready to go to your home, but you must still go through the process above to be considered and get in "line" for a particular kitten. Once approved, the second step, would be meeting with an adoption counselor to do paperwork and make deposit payment. Once a pre-adoption is approved, and a deposit is made on a particular kitten or cat, they are "yours" and will go to your home when ready.
  3. Adopters must be 21 or older to adopt.

Look forward to hearing from you.